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BluSignal Systems: Leading Indicators and Trade Signals for Investors
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  • BluSignalSystems

    BluSignals are leading indicators that serve as your guide in uncertain markets.

  • Blu Signals

    BluSignals are trusted for investment and trading of securities, options, futures and binaries.

  • Blu Signals

    BluSignals are reliable in all markets: Stocks, ETFs, Bonds, Currencies, Commodities, etc.

  • BluSignal

    BluSignals has consistently beaten the benchmark returns in these markets since 1999.


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Bring certainty back to your trading and investments with these forward-looking tools.

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Trade with Confidence.  Trade with Accuracy.  Trade with BluSignals.

Our 3 BluSignal Systems



Confirm The Trend

A proprietary system that utilizes fractal geometry and mathematics to accurately ascertain the near-term and long-term direction and trend of a tradeable security. Learn More



Find The Pivot

A proprietary system that employs a neural network approach for interpreting investment data flows to determine Buy Zones and Sell Zones of tradeable securities. Learn More



Accurate Trades

A long-only proprietary system that selects from Large-Cap stocks and ETFs to provide specific and detailed real-time Buy and Sell signals for intermediate-term investing. Learn More

Our User’s Can Tell You…

“I’m so happy to have found BluSignals. I use BluQuant and I’m amazed by how consistently profitable its trades are.”

Kevin A.

Albany, NY

BluSignals are used by both novice investors and experienced traders from around the world.

Wouldn’t you like to know when to enter a trend and when that trend will end?

With BluSignals you will always know the 2 most important insights when investing in the markets –

Trends & Pivots : The prevalent direction of price and when it will turn.

Leading Trade Indicators You Can Be Certain Of



BluFractal is a trend confirmation tool. It’s easy to spot a trend on a chart when looking at past data. But going forward, one bar at a time, how do you know when a new trend has actually begun? Whether you are a trend trader or long-term investor, BluFractal will keep you on the right side of the trend at all times.



BluNeural is a leading indicator. It is an indispensable tool that alerts you – in advance – to an upcoming pivot point to enter Long or to Short a given market. For those who simply want to know when to get in and when to get out of a trade, BluNeural will show you when and where Buy and Sell.



BluQuant puts it all together. It selects ideal trades and investments for you by using BluFractal and BluNeural together to show you only the best opportunities in the market.

This is the edge you’ve been looking for.

By using all 3 Systems, or any 1 or combination of BluFractal, BluNeural and BluQuant, there is not a single market that you trade which won’t experience significant improvement of its investment results.

“This is not just another tool. BluSignals is the difference maker.”

  • Instant online setup without software to download.

  • Access our Systems from your phone, tablet, PC or Mac.

  • You get charting, signals and much more all included.

  • Never a hidden fee and no data subscription required.

  • Just enter the Symbol and instantly get its charts,

  • signals and details.


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Trade with Confidence.  Trade with Accuracy.  Trade with BluSignals.