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Plans - No Trial - BluSignal Systems leading indicators software
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Select the Plan that Works for You

There are 3 distinct BluSignal Systems and 3 plan options to choose from to get the exact tools and insights desired for your own trading / investing strategies and goals.




A proprietary system that utilizes fractal geometry and mathematics to accurately ascertain the near-term and long-term direction and trend of a tradeable security.

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A proprietary system that employs a neural network approach for interpreting investment data flows to determine Buy Zones and Sell Zones of tradeable securities.

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A long-only proprietary system that selects from Large-Cap stocks and ETFs to provide specific and detailed real-time Buy and Sell signals for intermediate-term investing.

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Plans and Pricing

Choose from the 3 plans below.  Then, click the “Select” button to indicate your desired System(s) and establish your BluSignals subscription.  Upon completion, you are immediately granted full access to all 3 Systems during your trial. You may change from your initial System(s) selection at any time.  However, there is only one free trial period, which ends at 14-days or the day you change systems.

leading indicators software

All Plans include a 14-Day FREE Trial

of ALL THREE Systems !

What BluSignals Users Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our users do the talking!

“I’ve been trading for years and it seems like I’ve tried just about every software and system out there. What I really like about BluSignals is its simplicity. I feel like my teenage daughter could trade them. I use all 3 systems and they each give me clear signals that I can trade without using any other tools.”

James T.

Sacramento, CA

“I have been searching for a set of indicators that would not only get me into the right trade, but also keep me in it to get all the return out of the trade.  Until BluSignals I would exit trades at the worst possible time.  Now I confidently stay with good trades that I have found in all 3 systems.”

Andrea T.

Houston, TX

“I’m new to trading and I’m so happy to have found BluSignals. I use BluQuant and I’m amazed by how consistently profitable its trades are. I also use BluFractal and BluNeural for trading binary options. I love binaries because of their black-and-white certainty. That’s exactly what I get from BluSignals as well.”

Kevin A.

Albany, NY


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“The Best Trading Systems On The Market”

The Answer You Need For Certainty In The Markets!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after I register?

Upon registration, you will receive login credentials to your account and are granted immediate access to the BluSignal plan you have registered for. You can start using the signals and systems right away.

Can I upgrade after signing up?

Yes. Whenever you like, you may upgrade to a system or system bundle plan that you are not currently a subscriber to. If you have an annual plan, you will be given prorated credit for any time left on your current plan.

How should I use BluFractal and BluNeural together?

The trends and pivot points signaled by these two systems can easily be used as complimentary tools. For instance, some traders only take BluNeural’s Buy and Sell Zone pivot signals that occur in the same direction as the current long-term trend indicated by BluFractal. These two systems are also often used as confirmation tools for traders who want to improve the success rate of their own methodologies and strategies.

Which is the best plan if I have very little trading experience?

Well, any of our systems would greatly benefit a novice trader or investor. But if you simply want to receive specific buy and sell signals for large-cap stocks and ETFs, then BluQuant will do all the work for you. You will know in real-time what to, when to, and the price to buy and sell. The annual returns from its trades have consistently outperformed the market benchmarks since 1999.

What markets can I trade with these systems?

By using ETFs as proxies for the various security types, BluFractal and BluNeural can be used to trade almost any market : stocks, stock options, bonds, ETFs, ETF options, index options, mutual funds, futures, futures options, spot currencies, CFDs, and binary contracts.

Can I use your systems for Day-Trading?

Yes, many of our subscribers use BluFractal and BluNeural to determine the direction, strength, and timing of the current trend. Then, they execute trades during the day which are consistent with our systems’ indicators to improve their probability of success while day trading.

What is a fractal?

Although fractals are very complex, they are made by repeating a simple process. Fractals are mathematical data sets that exhibit common patterns, or symmetry, at every scale. Therefore, a fractal is a never-ending pattern. Fractals are extremely complex, sometimes infinitely complex, meaning you can zoom in and find the same shapes forever.

What are neural networks?

Neural networks are processing devices (algorithms) that are loosely modeled after the neuronal structure of the human cerebral cortex but on a much smaller scale. Most neural networks contain some form of ‘learning rule’ which modifies the weights of its internal connections according to the input patterns that it is presented with. In a sense, neural networks learn by example as do their biological counterparts.

When am I charged for the plan I select?

After your initial 14-Day free trial, you will be billed on the next day for the annual amount, or the monthly amount and each following month on that same day of the month if you are paying the monthly rates. We do not prorate these plans (except when upgrading – see the “Can I upgrade after signing up?” FAQ that addresses this). You either purchase an annual plan or a monthly plan and make payment accordingly.

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