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BluQuant Buy And Sell Signals
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BluQuant Investment System


A long-only proprietary system that selects from Large-Cap
stocks and ETFs to provide specific and detailed real-time
Buy and Sell signals for intermediate-term investing.
The BluQuant Investment System has outperformed
the Dow Jones Average, the NASDAQ, and the S&P 500
in every year since 1999. Any investor, large or small,
can benefit from BluQuant in their stock portfolio.


Quantitative Analysis


When a securities analyst focuses on a corporation’s financial data and statistics, rather than subjective factors such as management experience, product/service mix, employee moral or brand recognition, then that process is known as quantitative analysis, and it is utilized by essentially every investment bank, brokerage and trading firm on Wall Street.

BluQuant - buy sell signalsFor trading purposes, quantitative analysis involves the use of computer models and algorithms to evaluate potential investments. This typically consists of searching vast arrays and data sets for patterns and correlations to discern trend following or mean reversion opportunities.

BluQuant uses BluFractal as its model for trend following, and BluNeural as its model for mean reversion or pivot points. It also employs a risk analysis algorithm when selecting certain securities to trade. It then puts this all together to select among the largest and most liquid stocks and ETFs for a long-only investment portfolio.

Each of the trades generated by BluQuant typically last for several weeks at a time as it attempts to enter a new trade shortly after its pivot point and then ride that trend to exhaustion. The performance results from this approach are remarkably strong and consistent. Its quantitative methodology has proven to be far superior to conventional or qualitative analysis.

A System That Will Change Your Trading Forever

——Combine the power and insights of BluFractal and BluNeural to select and execute every trade in your investment portfolio with precision and confidence. BluQuant uses our 2 proprietary algorithms to guide you to the best trades, and at the right times, for consistent investment success.

BluQuant - trading signals

——Use BluQuant for your core equity portfolio and see your annual returns improve dramatically year after year. And also subscribe to BluFractal and BluNeural Plans to increase your trade accuracy for your other stock and ETF trades, option positions, FOREX, futures and binary contracts.


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